Our Conservation Initiatives

The Call of Africa Trust

The Call of Africa Trust supports specific conservation projects which aim to protect Africa’s rich ecological treasures.

When you join a Call of Africa Safari we commit to participate in activities which respect the natural environment and the wildlife which call it home. We only engage with professional safari operators who share our passion.

Although there are many other countries in this region that are worthy candidates for support, Zimbabwe is a special case because despite its economic and political woes, it is a model of communities working together.


  • The Trust will assist with funding and expertise to provide funds for rural schools, clinics and agricultural expertise

  • To help isolated rural villagers get a decent education and to mentor and financially assist in helping put food on the table – especially in regions of very unreliable rainfall and severe human /wildlife conflict.

  • Core to our mission is to demonstrate to rural communities the value of wildlife. We work closely with local organizations to promote the understanding of how indigenous wildlife can be hugely beneficial  – and not a crop-raiding or cattle-killing nuisance

The prime goal of this Trust is to make a substantial contribution to in protecting the wildlife of Zimbabwe which is under huge threat from poachers one the one hand, and hungry rural villagers on the other. 

The model used by foreign/colonial Government in establishing National Parks in all former colonies was to keep most people out (except for a privileged few!) and keep the wildlife in. In modern Africa, this model is totally inappropriate,  and inclusion and benefit from the Park by neighbouring rural communities are essential to arrest the incidence of poaching and ultimate decimation.

Despite living in a broken country there are many well-educated people in Zimbabwe – who have put enormous personal effort and funds in trying to protect and nurture the wildlife of the country. These amazing people range from dirt poor villagers, everyday man-in-the-street, safari lodge owners, safari guides, waiters, mechanics and beyond.

Aside from a maximum allowance of 7%, all donations go directly the project for which they are specifically designated. And all donations will be carefully monitored by The Call of Africa Trust right through to end-use, to make sure they are used for maximum benefit and for the purpose they were allocated.!

Informed travellers have realized that Zimbabwe provides a spectacular game-viewing experience, and so the safari operators who have struggled to stay alive since the late ’90s have made it their mission to protect the wildlife in an undeniably sustainable way. Anti-poaching patrol organizations in the major National Parks of Zimbabwe.

Providing fuel for water pumps at previously dried up waterholes; they have evolved into major providers of employment, where each person employed may well be supporting upwards of 15 people. And this in a country where unemployment is in the region of 90%.

To maximise our assistance and to make sure that our donations go straight to the right place, we have currently identified African Bush Camps Foundation  and GlobalGivinbg  as the conduit through which we will process donations.

“Lions and elephants have paid for 15 people from this village to go to University” – quote from the Headman of Ngamo Village,  Tjolotjo (on the boundary of Hwange National Park)