Paul G.

The itinerary was excellent. You had the right mix of luxury and wilderness. The food was good all the way through, and in Chikwenya it was superb. The camps and lodges were all comfortable, including the river camps on the Zambezi canoe trip – quite an accomplishment considering that the crew had to strike camp and set it up each day. The river trip was a never to be forgotten experience. The transfers between places were well managed with minimal hassle.

Chikwenya was a wonderful place, with hides (blinds) to sit in for hours and watch the world pass you by. The Hide was a great spot in a secluded area of Hwange, a park which is, in other spots, very frequently visited. We rarely saw many other visitors in any area that weren’t staying in our own lodge or campsite. The scenery was stunning. Even the weather was perfect.

It was a great experience.

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Posted by Pat Dewil