Uganda is one of the most exciting safari destinations in Africa. Its rich mosaic of rainforest, savannah, montane and wetland habitats harbors an almost peerless diversity of large fauna.

Once relegated to safari obscurity, Uganda is fast becoming the must-see safari experience for many people. The combined beauty of the land and the huge bio-diversity plus reinvigorated conservation awareness means Uganda has plenty on offer. Visitors can hike to with a few meters of wild gorilla and chimpanzee; quickly discovering the many similarities we share with our closest genetic relatives.

The landscape is varied and lush; a wonderland for bird and animal aficionados alike. There are waterways and vast plains to explore with a faunal diversity only matched by places not yet accessible for safari goers.

It is fair to say our Uganda safari will take your breath away.

Gorilla trekking has to be one of the most awe inspiring wildlife adventures anywhere. Being 3 yards away from a Silverback or to have baby gorillas romp around your feet is a surreal experience. These are wild gorillas and have no reliance on humans and living in remote equatorial forests on high ground makes them quite difficult to get to. But once there, they allow you in to their world and this privilege is one that can move you beyond words. Somehow our ancient connection with these gentle giants comes to the fore and you feel like you belong in this place, that their deep, contemplative eyes have a wisdom that you can understand.


  • Gorilla trekking in remote equatorial forests.
  • Wild chimp trek, plus spend a few days at a special tented camp on an island in the huge Lake Victoria which is a chimp sanctuary.
  • The famous tree-climbing lions at Queen Elizabeth National Park, elephants, hippos, crocs and countless new birds species.
  • Extremely friendly people who welcome you with open arms. The hotels and lodges are good and the food is excellent.
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