The incredible moment a leopard leaps from a tree to snare a spot of lunch.

The impala move to graze underneath the tree, unaware that the crafty predator was lurking in the branches several meters above them.
The leopard leaps from a height of 40 feet to snare a spot of lunch.

The sneak attack causes the impala herd to flee – except for one animal that was stuck in the female cat’s steely grasp.

The leopard unsuccessfully tried to climb a nearby tree with the large carcass in its mouth in order for it to avoid rival predators that may have come across the kill.

After the brief feed, the leopard again tried to hoist the remains of the impala up another tree – but failed again.

Defeated, the cat hid the carcass at the base of tree and took a midday nap – a welcome respite from the eventful morning!

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